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Chelsea Roff gets the surprise of her life.

Chelsea Roff gets the surprise of her life.

Leading a positive life can be richly rewarding, for you and those around you. Chelsea Roff is a yoga teacher who owns a non-profit studio that specializes in helping people recovering from eating disorders.

Her own life has been filled with challenges and she has met them all with a most positive outlook. (This most inspirational video is a glimpse into how challenging her life was growing up.)

That positive outlook has not gone unnoticed by her coworkers, friends and other people she has touched through her life.

The video linked below is from a series called “Prank It Forward,” in which good things happen to Chelsea during her shift as a waitress — really, really good things.

But take note that her most overwhelming emotional reaction is saved for the very end and has nothing to do with huge tips, magical trips and automobiles with ribbons on top!

Keep a positive outlook in your own practice — be it yoga, Pilates, walking, running, or whatever. And let that positive outlook flow over into the rest of your life. You will be rewarded in ways you can not yet imagine!

Click here to see the Chelsea Roff “Prank It Forward” video — and enjoy your day!


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Adventurer, world explorer, thrill seeker ... not really. Just a guy who spent nearly 40 years writing and editing for newspapers and one really good news website. Well, that's over. And so is the struggle to live well in the USA. My wife, Rose Alcantara, and I moved to Belize in early 2014. It has been an amazing adventure but there is always so much more to learn. You'll find out about our life on Ambergris Caye on this blog, oftentimes exactly when we do. So stick around. You can also learn about Rose's new venture Island Pilates by Rose at

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