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Regaining muscle mass after age 60 is more than nostalgia

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Remember muscle? Those fine-cut abs and deltoids, those broad shoulders and sprinter’s legs? Yeah, we had so much of it back in our Twenties and Thirties, then came the kids, the mortgage, the job …..

Losing muscle is normal but — and here’s the good news — regaining it is normal, too.

Yes, even when you are over 60, according to New York Times Well columnist Gretchen Reynolds.

“But the process of bulking up works differently in older people than in the young,” writes Reynolds in quoting University of Alabama exercise researcher Marcas Bamman.

His key to regaining muscle after 60 is “regular and progressive weight training” (aka resistance training).

You can read more about Bamman’s work in this Ask Well blog post by Reynolds.


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