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This chapter has come to a close

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There comes a time in every story when one chapter closes and a new one begins.

Rose Alcantara has begun a new chapter with her recent move to Mexico.

Island Pilates by Rose has closed its doors in Belize with mixed feelings of sadness and loss, but comfort in the knowledge that she has made friends for life. There was not a single client who walked through her door who was not also a dearly treasured friend.

Thank you to all who supported Island Pilates by Rose and who invested in their own health and well-being.

Rose urges all her island friends to keep on the path to good health by whatever means they find joyful and fulfilling. Your good health will reward you a hundred times over. Keep that positive light shining. Keep those embers of friendship glowing. 

Good health, good friends, good love and good life to all.

— Rose Alcantara




Author: robertjhawkins1

Adventurer, world explorer, thrill seeker ... not really. Just a guy who spent nearly 40 years writing and editing for newspapers and one really good news website. Well, that's over. And so is the struggle to live well in the USA. My wife, Rose Alcantara, and I moved to Belize in early 2014. It has been an amazing adventure but there is always so much more to learn. You'll find out about our life on Ambergris Caye on this blog, oftentimes exactly when we do. So stick around. You can also learn about Rose's new venture Island Pilates by Rose at

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