Island Pilates by Rose

Where personal attention leads to positive results

About Rose

rose-ballerina2As a 3-year-old, Rose Alcantara was walking around on her tip-toes, something her mother took as a sign of a ballet prodigy. She immediately signed the child up for dance, tap and acrobatics classes.

As it turned out, Rose was on pointe because of a short Achilles tendon. None the less, the classes continued into adulthood and Rose went on to a richly fulfilling career, dancing in “Swan Lake,” “Giselle,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Copellia” and many more.

Rose danced all through high school, proudly recalling herself to be a true “bun head,” a student who breathed, ate, slept and lived for classical dance.

She continued to study dance at the United States International University’s School of Performing and Visual Arts in San Diego. Her studies were interrupted by a tour of Europe and the Middle East with a dance troupe, to earn enough money to further her education.

Rose joined the Peninsula Ballet Theatre in the  San Francisco Bay Area and danced eight years — and nearly to the end of her pregnancy with her second child, Caira. It was after giving birth 21 years ago that Rose retired from dancing and bought the Kirkpatrick’s School of Dance in San Mateo and doubled its size to 500 students before selling it several years later. It was the very same school she first attended as a shy 3-year-old.

With her retirement from professional dancing and with the sale of the dance school, Rose began a new phase in her life.  She began to study Pilates, personal fitness training and yoga and to pursue certifications in all three disciplines.

These pursuits lead to the creation of her successful studio, Pilates by Rose, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

pilates-bIn 2014, Rose and her husband, Bob Hawkins, began a new chapter in their lives when they moved to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. With all her permits in order, Rose has now opened Island Pilates by Rose with one Studio Reformer and a host of exercise accessories and the same knowledge and attention to individual client’s needs which marked her studio in California.

“Come on! Just two more,” is a commonly heard encouragement in her studio, as is “Let’s play!”

Through this combination of caring, high expectations and teamwork, Rose has developed long-term relationships with many of her clients. Sometimes deep and lasting friendships evolve from the studio.

“I honor the fact that my clients are paying me money to improve their bodies and health and they keep coming back,” says Rose. “But the best part of teaching is when someone comes up and hugs me because they have discovered the powerful person who has been hiding inside all these years.”

“That,” she adds, “is why Island Pilates by Rose exists.”

Rose also teaches a Mat Pilates class on Thursdays and Pool Pilates on every other Saturday. Contact her for more information.


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