Island Pilates by Rose

Where personal attention leads to positive results

Why Pilates?

pilates-e“Island Pilates by Rose is the fulfillment of the passion I have for keeping bodies youthful,” explains Rose Alcantara. “Drawing on the discipline and knowledge from my dance career and teaching, and the extensive training I have received in Pilates, yoga and fitness, I revel in designing sessions  tailored to each client’s personal needs.

Why the emphasis on Pilates? “Because it integrates the core muscle groups in all exercises, it balances the body, tones the body without adding bulk or wear and tear,” says Rose.

“Pilates focuses on the individual, as opposed to the individual being one among many following an instructor with a one-size-fits-all routine that teaches to the middle. Your individual strengths and your needs are what Pilates is all about.”

Rose particularly likes how Pilates builds synapses to the weaker muscles, building them up and integrating them into the whole muscle structure so that the body isn’t relying only on the primary muscles. Pilates results in greater range for the muscles and greater over-all flexibility for the body.

Rose has the luxury of viewing each client as an individual, building a personalized strategy that meets their goals but also reflects the confidence she has in their ability to achieve even more. Rose carefully pushes her clients toward levels they had no idea they were capable of achieving.